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Solutions for a safer workplace.
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SOS provides customized solutions based on individual client requirements rather than a single off-the-shelf program. SOS provides expert solutions in the following areas:

Safety Compliance

  • OSHA program evaluation
SOS will evaluate the OSHA programs that you have in place, assuring they meet the current regulations
  • OSHA required programs
SOS will customize OSHA programs for your facility to assure they meet the current regulations
  • OSHA training
SOS will coordinate all aspects of your OSHA training providing the necessary documentation to assure the regulations are met
  • OSHA inspection assistance
SOS will provide your facility with onsite assistance and guidance during an OSHA inspection to assist in minimizing your liability
  • OSHA violation settlement assistance
SOS will provide you assistance in dealing with OSHA after an inspection, to evaluate the validity of the citation and reduce monetary penalties
  • OSHA violation abatement assistance
SOS will assist you company in finding reasonable and workable solutions to the violations
  • Facility hazards audits
SOS will conduct an audit of all or part of your facility, to assist in identifying potential hazards
  • Machine guarding evaluation
SOS will evaluate the guarding on your machines, to assure OSHA regulations are met
  • Industrial Hygiene Sampling
SOS will conduct air and noise sampling to evaluate compliance with current regulations

Worker's Compensation
  • Claims management assistance
SOS will demonstrate how to manage claims to lessen the time and money spent handling claims.
  • Cost containment assistance
SOS will demonstrate how you can reduce your financial liability in claims by outsourcing claims management
  • Return to work policy
SOS will customize a return to work policy for your facility, working within guidelines that are set by your facility.
  • Statistical analysis

SOS will use safety and Worker's Comp statistics to show trends so that resources can be directed to the areas where they are needed.

Total Solutions

  • Comprehensive safety plans
  • Behavioral based safety process
  • Total facility inspections